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Kevin Bedgood Small Turned Wood Art

Turned Wood Art

Hello and welcome to my website.
First a little background.  I had an early exposure to woodworking.  My father would build furniture as a hobby in his home woodshop.  I had the opportunity (much to my dislike) to clean up the shop on a very regular basis.  It really wasn’t until after spending time in the US Marine Corps that I began to build some furniture on my own.  In the past 25 years, I have moved from designing and building furniture to more artistic woodturning and sculpting. 

I truly began my journey into artistic woodworking when I started making Native American Flutes.  I did that for a number of years then, about 15 years ago, I turned (no pun intended) to the lathe as the primary tool to express my ideas.  I started by making simple bowls and grew to creating more elaborate pieces.  Now, much of my energy is spent pushing limits and breaking old preconceived ideas of what is possible to achieve on the lathe.

I have four basic goals that I strive to achieve with my work:

  • Design and create pieces that compliment the wood.
  • Explore the concept of creating a sense of movement with an inanimate object.
  • Design pieces in such a way as to visually “stretch” portions of the piece to appear either larger, smaller or a different shape that it actually is.  (This applies primarily to my sculptural work and my wall hangings.)
  • Be as ecologically responsible as possible with my woodwork.  I use as much salvage as possible and much of my other material is grown specifically for commercial purposes.

All of my pieces are “one of a kind” therefore; this site is merely a representation of my work.  Some of the pieces shown may no longer be available.  If you are interested in purchasing something or seeing what I currently have available, please send me an email with your inquiry. 

Thank you for taking the time to explore my work.  I hope that you enjoy yourself. I am located in Lancaster, PA and can reached through email at:

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